IATP maintains a list of ICT links that includes tips and information useful to everyday users as well as accessibility tools for web developers.

External Resources Disclaimer:
IATP maintains a limited list of relevant links to resources for Accessible ICT and Accessible Educational Materials. As best as we try to make sure all our suggested resources are accessible, we are not able to test all resources and sometimes when they are updated it creates new accessibility issues that we were not aware of during our posting. Please keep this in mind when navigating away from the IATP website to other resources. If you encounter a problem with a resource, we encourage you to directly contact the website developer and/or author(s) of the document.

Testing Tool Caution:
Please remember that all automatic testing tools only test about 40% of common accessibility issues. Testing tools are a significant first step in checking for accessibility issues. Keep in mind a passing report from an accessibility testing tool and/or a checklist does not mean that your website and/or document is 100% accessible.

Automated Accessibility Testing Tools